Mobile UX Designer


Mobile UX Designer

We are looking for a Mobile UX Designer passionate about gaming, who will support our team with his knowledge and experience. We love games, if you share our passion and feel that you are the right person in the right place, take a look at our requirements and find out what we can offer you. The several game titles that we have created so far, prove one thing: If you want to develop games - you are in the right place!

Your tasks
  • Creating user interface in mobile games
  • Preparation of interface concepts in the form of wireframes, UX flows, mock-ups, prototypes etc.
  • Cooperation and support of game design team in creating new functionalities in the game (design flair is welcome)
  • Compliance control for the delivered functionalities with the previously prepared mock-ups
  • Cooperation with graphic designers and programmers to ensure consistency and efficiency of interface
  • Collaboration with analysts and marketing team to understand the needs, habits and behavior of players
  • Tracking UX trends in mobile applications and games
  • A / B test management: designing tests, analyzing the results and recommending improvements to existing functionalities
Required skills
  • Thorough knowledge of design interface for mobile users
  • Ability to draw conclusions from test results and analyze data and correct UX on their basis
  • Experience in working with design tools such as: Axure, Balsamiq, InVision or similar
  • Min. 2 years of work experience as a designer of mobile interface
  • Attractive portfolio presenting completed projects
  • Being a gamer - we need someone who not only understands the games, but also plays them
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