Art Director


Art Director

The role of Art Director is to lead and motivate a team of talented Artists in delivering best quality assets for mobile games. This position entails a great deal of responsibility and opportunity to drive further the development of strong team and for which your artistic, technical and managerial expertise are with great importance. As a Lead Artist your job is to plan, organize, follow-up and evaluate their work in order to ensure that they meet the production objectives in terms of time and quality.

Your tasks
  • Cooperation with Leaders in order to create a comprehensive vision of the project and to develop an appropriate visual style supporting the game design
  • Proposing and ensuring the implementation and consistency of an artistic vision at all stages of production
  • Creating artistic documentation of the project's vision (mockups, mood boards, concept graphics, reference collections, etc.)
  • Leading a team of artists towards delivering a coherent artistic vision of the project, through feedback and coaching
  • Cooperation with the design department in terms of supporting design and improving the visual quality of the project
  • Cooperation with the company's management, marketing and PR team to ensure consistent branding and the highest possible quality of marketing materials
Required skills
  • Experience in the role of Lead Artist or Art Director
  • High level of graphic skills
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in game development
  • Knowledge of the game production process
  • Communication skills (not only within the artistic team)
  • Team management skills
  • Have a passion for the industry and an understanding of market trends and styles
Nice to have
  • Knowledge of tactical/strategic games
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